The Gentle Roller Felting Machine

I am very excited to be the owner of one of these fantastic engineered felt rolling machines.  I have used several machines over the years as a felt maker and  can honestly say that this brilliantly engineered and very well thought out felt rolling  machine is second to none.  It has so many features  that predecessors have not had.  This felter's friend can make everything from the softest most light weight nuno scarves and wraps, to layered garment material such as a jacket, to material heavier than industrial carpet.  Please contact me with any enquiries or questions you may have regarding demonstration or purchase.  Carry on reading below for more details

The Gentle Roller is a compact, safe, and attractive tool that complements the studio and works quietly beside you, freeing you for more important activities like planning your next piece or enjoying a well-earned break.

It may be compact in height and depth but we haven't scrimped on the important dimension - we've delivered you a large roller platform.  The smaller Gentle Roller comes with a roller width of 1100mm (43 inch) allowing you to comfortably handle 36 inch wide fabric.  The larger  roller width of 1400mm (55 inch) will easily cope with 48 inch wide fabric.  Both machines can also be used for multiple items at once if you work with narrower pieces plus they come with an optional Gentle Roller Fulling Drum.


Many felt rolling machines give you no control at all and existing machines are rather rudimentary.  The only control you have is either "On/Off" or "Stop/Start".

This is in contrast to the nuanced and skilled approach of the artisan observing and hand-adjusting the amount of pressure, the number of rolls between checking their fabric, the speed at which they roll or the length of a rolling cycle.

The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine addresses all the needs of the felt maker.  The computer controlled display panel (designed and made in Australia) allows the user to select and control;

  1. the speed of the roller,

  2. the number of rolls to be completed,

  3. the number of forward rotations and

  4. the number of reverse rotation

The loading can be adjusted by the unique pivot hook mechanism and the time required to felt can be adjusted by selecting one, two or three idle rollers.

The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine is as nuanced in its application as you are as a felt maker.  Whatever your style or type of felt you are making, you control the settings to suit your needs.

Familiarity with your own style, some special tips and techniques, and your personal experience will give you the best possible outcomes.

For the UK there is a VAT/Import charge which is clearly stated on the Gentle Roller website, when you place your order.   

Please refer to for a current price list and current updated delivery information due to COVID19

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