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Felt Artists

Inspiring People

As a felt artist I think it is very important not to just have a passion and high quality of workmanship in our works but also to create our own individual style.  Copying another felt artisans designs or products that is unique to them should be discouraged and encouraged with showing people that we learn techniques from other felt artists, not their designs and we should be experimenting for ourselves and taking what we have learnt a step further, incorporating the technique in our own designs in a completely different way.  This is how we produce something that is quite spectacular and unique to us so we do  not all become copycat artists.  

I would like to acknowledge fellow felt artists  whom I have attended their courses, purchased their books or  who have been inspiring to me when I have not always believed in myself and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.

Pamela A Macgregor - USA

Sirpa Mantyla - Finland

Elina Saari - Finland

Leena Sipila - Finland

Judit Pocs - Hungary

Chad Alice Hagen - USA

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl - Norway

Dagmar Binder - Germany 

Charlotte Buch - Denmark

Lizzie Houghton - UK

Jenny Pepper - UK

Anne Belgrave - UK

Ewa Kuniczak - UK

Fiona Wright - AUS/India

Patricia Spark - USA

Polly Stirling - AUS

Istvan Vidak - Hungary

Mari Nagy - Hungary 

Iris Brunton - UK

Susan McFarland - USA

Eva Basile - Italy

Chrissie Day - UK

International feltmakers Association - UK

Filtti - Finland 

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