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Small Vessel with surface texture and 3D elements
Mon, Oct 26
Oct 26, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Bishop's Frome, Worcester WR6 5BT, UK
1 day course. On this very exciting fun workshop you will be using natural Finn wool tops and a decorative layer of coloured wool tops to felt a small vessel by using a tumble dryer
Nuno Silk Scarf
Tue, Oct 27
The Feltporium - Caroline Merrell Feltma
Oct 27, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
The Feltporium - Caroline Merrell Feltma, The Feltporium, Unit 10, The Hop Pocket, Bishops Frome, Worcester WR6 5BT, UK
Hand dyed silk with extra fine Merino Fibres
Resist Paste, Wool Gauze, Felting
Thu, Oct 29
Oct 29, 10:00 AM – Oct 30, 3:30 PM, Bishop's Frome, Worcester WR6 5BT, UK
This is a unique felting workshop using a resist paste and washing machine to produce a light and floaty fabric without the hard work of rolling.
Breakdown printing on Fabric and Felt
Wed, Nov 04
Nov 04, 9:30 AM – Nov 05, 3:30 PM, Bishop's Frome, Worcester WR6 5BT, UK
On this two day course you make your own screen and use ready made ones to print onto fabric suitable for Nuno felting using procion dyes.
COVID19 - Guidelines at The Feltporium
We are living in unpresendented times and currently at The Feltporium the classes will be limited to 3/4 people so we can be safe and feel as safe as possible.
  1. If you are feeling unwell, with just a temp or any of the COVID19 symptoms,  you must not attend your course or visit to purchase supplies.   If you have no symptoms but have been in contact with anyone who has the virus in the last 14 days, do not come to the studio, please stay at home until you feel better.  Please refer to refund policy on course details. 
  2. Upon arrival you will be expected to wear your face mask and gel your hands.  These are also available at the door on arrival.  Once seated at your workspace you can remove your face cover if you wish.  There will also be faceshileds for students to wear if they wish. Each student will be the minimum social distancing recommendation away from each other.  At each table there will be hand gel and antibac wipes for you to use throughout the day.
  3. When you need to use the sink or other facilities, please wear your face mask and use the one way system in place,  entry through left door and exit right.  
  4. You will be encouraged to clean down your table/chair and work area throughout the day.
  5. Drinks will be available in disposable cups with lids and for now biscuits and cakes will be in individual sealed wrappers.
  6. Please bring your own equipment with you. 
  7. You are welcome to look at the felting supplies for sale.  Please do not handle any items unless you are wearing a fresh pair of gloves that can be provided, please ask.
  8. The tutor will be wearing a face shield. When you need one to one help, please wear your face cover and will hand gel their hands before handling any work. 
  9. The use of the shared toilet has a cleaning regime in place, you will take antibac wipes to wipe handles, toilet seat and taps on each visit.  You will also need to wear your face cover and hand gel your hands when you return.  There will be a little caddy to take with you with these supplies in.
  10. Windows and a door may be open to allow a good circulation of air but this is subject to weather.  When closed or to use alongside open windows there is an extracter fan that can be turned on to help with ventilation.
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