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Caroline Merrell



Inventing, experimenting, playing,

taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun

Mary Lou Cook

Worcester-based felt artist Caroline has been a craft enthusiast since she was a child, but had an instant attraction to felt over 20 years ago. 


"It stopped me in my tracks.  I was rooted to the ground as my eyes looked in wonder at the beautiful individual art pieces that were made from almost raw fibres.  From this moment felt was in my heart and became a part of me.  It is the versatile and tactile nature of wool that made working in fibres love at first sight.  Felt making has given me opportunities that have nurtured me and helped me to grow from inside and given me confidence in my life, not only from a creative view but also in day to day living." 


Caroline is a believer in life long learning and has completed City and Guilds qualifications in felt making which lead her to being asked to teach the course, and enrol on a teacher training programme. She has obtained a Certificate in Post Compulsory Education and Training (CertEd), which enabled her to teach post 16 plus adults in college for 10 years.  She also holds a specialist Textile qualification in Feltmaking that she took in Finland. 


"I love to pass on all the knowledge I have obtained through teaching and my own workshops and keep no secrets, there is not a better feeling than passing on your passion and enthusiasm to others and watching it grow inside them.  I am a tactile person and the pleasure I get from working with fibres, touching, seeing, smelling and even listening is like no other." 


Learnt so much - a million thanks - you are a wonderful teacher and host.  I can't believe we achieved so much, wraps, scarves, vessels etc etc.  Hope to see you again soon.

Again an amazing learning curve, fab results, great time had too.

I've had such a lovely two days.  I've learnt a great deal, experimented a lot and even moved a little outside my comfort zone with a picture!  Wishing you all the very best in your new venture - I'll be back.

A brilliant weekend, thank you so much, learnt so much, drank a lot of coffee and ate delicious cake.

Thanks so much for a fantastic weekend - so much to learn and such a helpful and supportive teacher with such a talent, fab.

Dearest Caroline, what a lovely weekend.  You are as inspiring as ever.  Thank you for all your help and advice.  I have enjoyed felting again.

I had never done wet felting before but Caroline was very patient and explained everything really well.  I've had a wonderful weekend - good fun and I've learnt so much!

Fabulous course and lovely atmosphere.  Really inspirational 2 days and tutor amazing!  Will be back again for sure.

Wonderful workshop.  Many many thanks.  I'll be back. 

A wonderful day - I learned a lot and was encouraged by Caroline all the way.  Thank you

Really lovely day!  Thank you for making me so welcome and your encouragement and expertise.

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